Our surf shop in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua is small, is cute but as soon as you step in you'll feel a super friendly vibe. Pop in for a chat and let us know what we can help you with.

Our services include:


Our inventory is continuously changing as we buy/sell surfboards on a daily basis. We have a wide range of selection of good surfboards in good condition with realistic pricing. 


It's always hard to find the right surfboard for your style of surfing. If you have time order a custom shaped surfboard from us that fits your needs.

More details here.


We do:

  • Full restoration of snapped / fractured surfboards 

  • All round ding repair, best in town using top quality materials

  • Express Repair if required

  • Custom art design to personalise your surfboard or to cover ding repairs

Contact us here


We sell fins, screws, grips, leashes, earplugs, ding repair kit, stickers etc whatever a surfer needs. 


Self branded Tshirts, hoodies and other accessories are available in our online store.


TURTLE TOUR: Season based - Best way to observe turtles nesting, laying eggs and if you’re lucky you might get to release the little ones too. Turtle sighting is 99% guaranteed.

3-4 hours night activity. $25 pp - 4 pp min.

VOLCANO MASAYA TOUR: This is a must see, the red lava is fully visible, with zooming in you can see it flowing and splashing. 

4-5 hours afternoon/night activity. $35 pp - 4 pp min.

SURFBOARD SHAPING WORKSHOP: 1 hour introductory workshop with our local shaper Alex from Alvarez Surfboards. He will explain how he started shaping and will introduce you to basic techniques and tools that he uses to create his own surfboards. 2 hour day activity. $10 pp - 4 pp min.

Pop in our shop or email us if you have any questions.

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