Since my early childhood I've been having deep passion for the ocean and surfing. I was born in Nicaragua but raised in Costa Rica and since I was 16 I've been working very hard day and night in the itchy fiberglass dust to learn all the perks of the surfing industry and shaping. I've worked with some pretty amazing names like Marcos Pacheco, Robert August and CHE who made me want to be a shaper too, they taught me discipline, modesty and patience.


In 2015 I met Meli my girlfriend, a Hungarian born Australian who switched the 9-5 office life to do something more challenging - after a year of traveling around the world our paths crossed each other and we opened a small surf shop together in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua... and not much later ALVAREZ SURFBOARDS was born. 


ALVAREZ SURFBOARDS is a LOCAL surf brand and is quite popular in the area already. We work with quality materials coming from California. Our surfboards are strong, durable motherfuckers:) We are super proud of what we do.


         <      5'9"           $530+

6'0"   -      6'11"         $550+

7'0"   -      7'11"         $580+

8'0"   -      8'11"         $630+

9'0"   <                       $700+

We work with EPOXY or POLYESTER foams (mainly US BLANKS ) 

For faster communication please text us on WhatsApp: +61438689941 or EMAIL US to get a more accurate quote.