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FAQ for Beginners and Advanced Surf Lessons

Why choose Alex's Surf School?

Some surf schools don't pay attention to the individuals much. They will be pushing you to small waves, big waves, whatever comes along and you'll feel like you're more on a factory line rather than enjoying yourself, not to mention they will put you to big groups so all you will do is to wait and wait and wait for your turn.

Our surf school has a very friendly vibe, our lessons take 2 hours (about 15 mins basic instructions on the shore and the rest in the water), we have small groups with max 3 people (very rarely when we are overbooked 4 ppl in one group) and we are super flexible. Certainly it's hard to satisfy every single person who comes to us but it is indeed our main goal to show you a great time in the water and get you hooked to surfing:)

Can I just turn up or I need to book in advance?

We accept bookings online through our website or facebook , via phone +505 78658846 or you can also pop in the shop to make a reservation. We advise you to come a day before or as early as possible because we need to organise the right instructor for you, transportation to the beach (surf beaches are outside of San Juan Del Sur) and also check the conditions for the day (waves, tides etc) - not all conditions are good for surfing.

What's included in the cost?

Beginners Group lesson (max 3pp)*: was $30 - NOW $25 pp

Private or advanced lesson (1on1): was $35 - NOW $30 pp

Surf lesson for kids (max 3ppl)**: was $35 - NOW $30 pp

Prices include 2 hours of surf lesson, transport to the beach and back to the city, use of rashguard and the surfboard rental for the rest of the day.

*occasionally 4pp

**with 2 instructors

Which beach we will be going to?

There's no surf in San Juan Del Sur, all surf beaches are outside of town.

Our beaches have beach breaks all of them are suitable for beginners but we usually prefer to go to Remanso where the waves break on a nice and cruisey way and the beach is easy to access.

REMANSO (15 mins drive from town): mainly suitable for beginners, pebbles on the beach, sandy bottom, some rocks on the right hand side.

MADERAS (25 mins drive from town): best for advanced surfers, this beach is usually a bit more crowded but on a nice day it's also suitable for beginners surf lesson. Perfect for advanced surfers, best to go before and after high tide.

HERMOSA (30 mins drive from town): Hermosa it's a National Park where we will have to pay $3 entry fee. It's a beautiful ling, sandy cost where you can see Costa Rica from. Shallow water and lots of hammocks to chill at.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself :) Ok, bring some sunscreen, your bathers, some snacks if you don't ant to eat at the beach bars, water (please note if you don't purchasing anything at the bars they will not let you to sit under the shade). We will give you a rashie and you're ready to go.

We usually advise you to have some food in your tummy to have a bit of energy, 2 hours in the water could be a bit long for some and drink lots of water.

Do you provide rashguards, wetsuits?

Rashguards YES, wetsuits unfortunately. The ocean is warm in Nicaragua all year round except for 3 months around February when the water gets quite cold (well it depends on where you're coming from:) This is the only time when you need a wetsuit, in all other months a rashie or just surf bikini/boardshort is fine enough.

Does everyone get up their first time?

Everyone is different. During the first lesson you will learn the basics of surfing but because everyone's body and strength is different, some people get up straight away or fairly quickly and others might need another lesson to get more confidence.

This also depends on the water conditions on the day, the ocean is always changing, the waves will make it either easier or harder to stand up.

Do you have a female instructor?

Yes we do and she's awesome. Let us know if you have a preference to chose a female instructor.

Are there any age restrictions?

8 years is our minimum age for group lessons, however we are happy to arrange one to one surf lessons for 6 and 7 year olds as our experience has shown that they benefit more from individual attention.

I cannot swim, can I still take a surf lesson?

Being able to swim is preferable but is not required. All of our beginner surf lessons take place in waist depth water. Even if you're not a great swimmer, or you cannot swim at all you will find that the great thing about surfing is that everyone can take it at their own pace and still enjoy it. All we ask is if you cannot swim, let us know in advance so we could put an extra attention on you.

Will I get water in my eyes/nose/ears?

Unfortunately this is something you cannot avoid. If you have sensitive ears please bring waterproof earplugs (if we have this in stock you can purchase one from our shop). As for your eyes and nose to be honest you will get used to it after being in the water for 5 mins.

Do you still do lessons when it's raining?

Yes, you will get wet in the water anyways. Actually going surfing when it's raining is a pretty amazing experience. We don't go in the water if it's lightning though!

Which days/times do you offer surf lessons?

We adjust our surf lessons to the water conditions, tides so please let us know what day you would like to go surfing and we will chose the most optimal time for you.

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