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Kids love surfing.

Kids have different physical abilities, they aren't scared, with the right motivation and if they enjoy what they do they learn a lot faster than adults do. Surfing is the best way to develop strength, co-ordination and awareness / understanding of the ocean. So when you ask us if there was any age limit, all we can say is the earlier they start the better. Usually we teach kids from age 7 and up.

One thing to keep in mind is that each kid is an individual and has his or her own way of learning. Not all instructors are capable of teaching kids. They need to be able to speak their language, able to recognise when they get tired and need a little break, when they need to be pushed further and be able to find the right balance between conducting a strict but also a playful lesson.

For safety and proper supervision (depending on the age of the kids of course) we always keep our groups small (max 3 kids per sesh) and we always use two instructors. One who will be coaching them and pushing them into smaller waves and the other one who will be waiting at the other end to help them to paddle back out. This way they wont get exhausted too fast.

From our experience we know how to get kids going in the water, do fun, warm up exercises, and have fun in the water!

Our surf lessons takes 2 hours, parents can join us to watch their kids while surfing or just take a little me time and let the kids be under our supervision. By request we also take photos.

Come meet us at our shop and let's go surfing!

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