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The Surfers' CODE

The Surfers' Code

The Surfers' code is one important thing that everyone should keep in mind when entering the water.

  1. CHECK THE CONDITIONS: Choose your spot carefully. Obey all signs and flags. If you are unsure of surf conditions, ask the lifeguard.

  2. CHECK YOUR GEAR: Board in good condition with safety leash or leg rope attached. Wetsuit, fins etc are suitable for surf conditions. SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!

  3. NEVER SURF ALONE: Surf with a mate and always let others know where and how long you will be.

  4. SURF WITHIN YOUR ABILITY: Know your limits. Reassess the conditions if they change. If you do get in trouble , raise your hand and call out for help.

  5. FOLLOW THE SURFERS' CODE: Respect everyone's right to enjoy the surf. Follow the code for a safe and enjoyable surf.

  • DON'T DROP IN: The surfer on the 'inside', closest to the breaking part of the wave has the right of way

  • DON'T THROW YOUR BOARD: whenever safely possible try to hang onto your board. Learn to 'duck dive' to go under the waves. If you must discard your board make sure no one is around.

  • PADDLE WIDE: When paddling out stay wide of the break, away from other surfers

  • COMMUNICATE: When catching a wave let others near you know which way you are going.

Now get off the computer and LET'S GO SURFINNNNNNN

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