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New Look, Same Friendly Environment

Last October I went back home to Sydney Australia to visit friends and family. I stayed for a month and tired to revisit all the places that were close to my heart. One day when strolling in Bondi Beach I saw this bloody amazing mural that was designed by an Ozzie artist ( Mulga The Artist ) and I immediately fell in love with his style... bold colours, funny characters, happy vibe.....

The same day I contacted him and asked for his permission if we could paint one of his artworks on our wall at the surf shop here in San Juan Del Sur. I wanted something that was an eye catcher, a local attraction, a meeting point that would also help us to engage our potential clients to go surfing with us.

Mulga was nice enough to give us the permission and here we go......

The front wall is all finished, now we just have to start working on the side wall - since we are a corner shop hehe

Let us know how you like it and yessss COME SAY HELLO when you are around. :)

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